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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Attitude 2008

This past weekend (Saturday-Tuesday) Jes and I went to Louisville, KY for the New Attitude conference. We had such an awesome time from the minute we got up at 4:30 am to get to the airport, (thanks so much Grandma Hunt for driving all us!) to the minute we arrived back in Virginia. Louisville was beautiful, worship was amazing, the messages were incredible, and hanging out with all of our friends (who we haven't seen in two months) was a blast!!! Both of us girls had a camera (thanks Aunt Sharay for lending us your sweet camera!!) so we have a ton of pictures!!!...I probably should have done a slide show!!:) haha... anyways, here is the post with a hundred pictures of our awesome weekend! :)

Soooo excited!!:)

Ray, Jes and I were in the very back of the plane so we were the last ones to get our drinks! :) hehe

3 hour layover in Atlanta...we had lots of laughs playing the question game:)

Me and Jap on the shuttle:)

Jess Jess and Chris Girl! Nothin' but trouble! :)

We got to our hotel, then walked over to the convention was so nice outside! :)

our pastors

Our 1st session was on Sat. night. The Kauflins led us in worship & the new songs were so good! Josh Harris gave the 1st message on Jeremiah 15:16.

Later that night, we went back to the rooms to hang out.

wall sits! We competed to see who could do it the longest:)

We stayed up pretty late that night, talking and laughing...I didn't ever get a picture of the four of us roommates... Mel, Jap and Rach!! :'( ...but I had a blast with you girls! :) Remember we couldn't stop laughing then we woke Meliss up and she just started laughing with us? haha!!! We got so crazy! :)

In the mornings we had community groups...I was in group G. I was so glad to have people I knew with me! Mel, Gabe and Danny.

Jess was in group I."IDENTIFY" :)

sis and I wore our favorite colors:)

Rach, Jap, Jes,Mel,Me

David, Meliss, Caleb, Jenn and Jessi

Walking to lunch

Most of the time we'd venture out to get some food, just to find that the lines were outrageously long or places were closed... then we'd head back up to us girls room to make PB & J sandwhiches! Thanks Jes for bringing all of us lunch!! :) hehe!

Jes and I had the awesome privilege to play in the New Attitude String Ensemble for two sessions

Jessi and I with Ingrid. She was so sweet and such a great violin player!

Me and Jessi with Judah Groveman. He did an amazing job writing all the string parts!

Judah's yellow cello case... isn't that fun to say!?! :) haha.

We got to meet Bob Kauflin. He is a truly gifted musician and the worship leader at Covenant Life Church. He was so nice!

These two bands played at Na. They were really cool! You should Check em out!


At night we'd all pull out the instruments and jam in our rooms...

One night Judah and Daniel Groveman even jammed with us!

melly and I :)

crazy girls!!!

Rach and I

Jess havin fun with Ray Ray's glasses:)

I love being a twin!! :)

more jammin :)

Ray and Aaron...matching!

We saw Israel Groveman in the hotel...but us girls were too scared to ask him for a picture, so we snuck one...haha... can you see him in the background?...sorry for being chickens Israel! :)


Kaits and Ferf

"If God speaks through His word, then Let us listen."

So, our first New Attitude experience was an absolute BLAST!!! We really had an amazing time and we are already looking forward to next year!!!!!!!! :)