Matthew 5 are the salt of the earth and the light of the world... let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory unto your Father who is in Heaven...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

time to sign up!

...believe me... you should come :) it's an absolute BLAST!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

color, color on the wall

After 5 long months we have finished all the painting in the new house!!! I never realized how many walls we had until we began priming... then there's the first coat of color... then the ole second coat... and of course the very slow and tedious job of cutting in (which by the way we discovered we have several INCREDIBLE "cutting inners" in the fam! e.g. jessi and josh :) The rest of us are perfectly satisfied using our painting skills with large rollers and spacious walls:)

The priming stage...

dad hangin another light :)
Finally some color:)

i love this wall... the real name is Edwardian Burgandy but we like to call it the great wall of chocolate. :)
Johnny boy priming the ceiling... if that doesn't put a crick in your neck! haha

Mom always workin so hard:)

Thank you Andrew and Rebecca for all your help!!! You guys did so much...even in the freezing cold! We are SO thankful for such serving friends. We Love You!

this is the game room. OH YEEE!

Jordan, Justin, and JJ's room

Josh and Johnny's room aka the brightest room in the house!

the girls room :)

Once again I am amazed at my family's extreme diligence and accomplishments... GREAT JOB GUYS!!! I know all of this hard work will soon pay off!
So, we have begun to
pack away the cans upon cans of paint, the brushes, the rollers, the pans, the can openers, the stir sticks... and now...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Happy Birthday Jonathan!! :)

Love you so much bro! you rock:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MaRch MadNeSS!!!!

Let me begin by saying that the month of March has been absolutely crazy for us Hunts!! I am continually amazed and provoked by my family's diligence, discipline and dedication! Let me give a well deserved shout out to the most amazing fam around, "YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!" In the midst of traveling to & fro, calculus tests, heated competitions, paying bills, cleaning our home, orchestra recitals, dance classes, basketball games, painting the new house, practicing piano, loads and loads of laundry, running a 1/2 marathon, making time for family and friends, performing for 6 schools in 3 days, washing the kitchen floor(good job Justin!:), exams...... and everything else that comes along with a big family(whew! what a mouthful!!), you guys have been so faithful to persevere, encourage and to have thankful hearts and attitudes!
(from what a camera can capture)Here's a look into our mad month:

March 8th

Us kids were able to play at Josh and Charity's wedding. What a fun day and a beautiful bride! :)

haha:) typical Jord!

We are so thankful for our friends!!

Ray and Ash... THEY'RE NEXT!! WHOOHOO :)

who are all those good lookin boys?!? :) (whistle whistle!)

March 12-16th
San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo... yes, we saw Davy Crockett... :)

My Favorite part of San Antonio was definitely this place called the riverwalk......where we simply walked along the river!!! :) hehe It was gorgeous!!!

March 17-19th
New York City, New York

Times Square

Thanks Aunt Sharay for coming with us!!! You are a blast and WE LOVE YOU!!! :)

Takin' a snooze in the airport :) ...hey it was 4:30 in the morning! Actually, all 9 of us fell asleep and would have missed our flight if it hadn't been for Aunt Sharay who heard our names being called over the speaker!

March 20th
Lumberton, North Carolina
I didn't get any pictures of this event (I forgot my camera:'( but it was a neat little theater from 1928!

March 22th
Shamrock 1/2 Marathon!!!
Jess, Jacquelyn, Heather and I all ran the 1/2 marathon was awesome!

Jes and Heather pumped and ready to go at 5:00 in the morning:)

Kissing our victory medals! Awesome Job Heath, Jessi and Jacquelyn!! You girls are amazing! I can't believe all 4 of us actually did it! ...Next Year anyone???? :)


March 24-26th
North Carolina Schools

Let me just say.... I LOVE PLAYING FOR SCHOOLS! These kids were awesome and we had a blast with them!

March 27-29th
Crystal Lake, Illinois
This was our last show of the month and Dad drove all night in able to let all of us kids go to youth group and make it to our show in time! Dad, you are the greatest! Thanks for the countless things you do for us!

Our Show went well at the arts center, and everyone was so kind !

Again, great job family! Thank you for your hard work, sacrifices, laughs, memories and your love for the Lord!

March 31st

we love our little house and are so happy to be here for a while:) Thanks for reading my novel! :)

~Happy April Everyone~


the end