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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday JJ!

JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Today our baby J is 10 years old!
Ten Things We Love About JJ:

1) He Loves his Saviour
2) He serves his family
3) Dad: he's no sissy...the more blood the better!
4) Mom: he's my baby!
5) Jes: his one of a kind laugh
6) Ferf: when he sings

7) Josh: he rocks the bball court!
8) Bub: his competitive spirit
9) Jord: he's the toughest 10 year old I know
10) Justin: he's my best friend

Jamison Daniel,
We love you so much! I am so thankful to God for giving me such an awesome brother! I have loved watching you grow into the wonderful young man you are today! Thank you for your example of a diligent worker to all of us! You are always quick to serve and willing to give your time to help out Mom and Dad. That is definite evidence of God's grace in your life and a huge example to me and all of us kids! I remember before you were born, Jessi and I prayed that you would be a girl... and we even cried when you weren't! It didn't take us very long to realize that God couldn't have given us a better youngest sibling! We wouldn't exchange you for anything in the world or out of it! I know it must be tough with 6 older siblings; however, you will probably be the strongest out of all of us! :) JJ, thank you for the irreplaceable joy you bring to our family. I love watching you play basketball! You are so good out there on the bball court! (really cute too:) !!!) Continue to follow God's word and seek Mom and Dad's council. I can't wait to see the many ways the Lord will use you to advance His gospel into the world. We love ya J! "...infinity and beyond!!!" :D You're my hero!!

love ~ferf

What do you like about JJ?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

2 month tour

We are about to head out into the wild, wild west! Visit our blog to get a glimpse of our crazy travels and adventures over the next 2 months! Please, please post comments often because we miss you all already!!! :'(
This is us just... well...if you know us, then you know that we get a little crazy sometimes ;) Poor Mrs. Wasko! (our simply amazing photographer)