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Thursday, July 23, 2009


This year was our 4th year of hosting music summer camp at our house and let me just say... each year gets better and better! This was our biggest year having 50 campers! This year consisted of 50 great kids including beginners, intermediates and advanced musicians, returning ole faithfuls & first timers:) 3 teams competing for 1st place, guitars(bass, acoustic,electric,) fast fiddles, mandolins, singers, a viola, dancers, outrageous hours of practice, scatter ball, a Rockin' Robin:) an Elvis wig, some poison ivy and bug bites:/ knock out, team spirit, camo & boots, some pink and green hair spray, a sunshine solo:) some joke about storks, music, music, music and a lot of flat out fun!!!

Enjoy the many,many pictures as promised! :)

Mary and Sara

Gwen, Shannon, Helena, Hannah and Sara
Knock Out!!!
Some team members cheering from the side lines:)
One night we had a cookout at our house. It was great just being able to hang with the kids and their families.

There was tons and tons of food! :)
some cute kiddos :)


Bri and Kate
Some intense games of soccer

Crazy boys

Trae, Adam, Eric and Caleb

aaaahhhh! :) haha

meet the teams...

in 3rd place we had,
the green team

2nd place:
orange team

and this year's big winner...
the blue team!!

the whole gang

Aimee and I

Janessa and Rhiannon

Brianna, Meagan, Jess


Madison, Katelyn and Ashliegh

Sing, Sing, Sing!!! :)

At the end of the week, we had a group performance at the public Library. Here's a pic of Mom giving the kids her prep talk :)

What a great time and opportunity! I love summer camp and love having the chance to meet so many incredible children. The kids did an awesome job at the performance! It still blows my mind that they put on such a great show after just 4 days! ...It must be the amazing teachers **ahem (who I am very priveledged to call
my parents), the awesome counselors ...Jessi, Josh and a huge thank you to Jonathan, Steph, Kyle and Isaac who took on the role of assistant counselors, the endurance of the parents(...listening to all that practicing into late hours of the night!!), and the great work, attitudes and dedication from all of our kids!
Thanks guys!! Please come back next year!! ~jenni

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back sittin' by the apple tree :)

Summer is undeniably here and I am loving every sunny minute of it!

Jes and I have become some serious gardeners this summer and have been so excited about our little plants... they are doing so well! :) I will post pics of our vegetation soon:) Also, this week is SUMMER MUSIC CAMP! Today was the first day and I am looking forward to a great week! So all n' all ...don't worry, I haven't abandoned the blog... more pictures are on their way! :)