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Monday, March 29, 2010

we're back!

Hello!!! We're back on the road and finally BACK ON THE BLOG!

The fam has been doing well, staying busy, laughing a lot, writing new music, buying our first pair of snow boots, keeping up with school, having birthdays, enjoying Wall Mart parking lots, exploring the west, adjusting to the rental RV, performing for many schools, and theaters... and thanking the Lord for a blessed tour! Touring is going wonderfully! We've finished one month of a memorable tour, and have 2 more months to go!

Here are some pics of our adventures over the last month.. :)

The Temple Theater in Saginaw, Michigan

The seven sibs

Jes and I trying to act cool

ok.. now the picture just got a lot cooler! :)

A fun stop for all of us... especially the boys, was in Ohio. We visited the football hall of fame!

Pittsburgh Fans!!

Dad was lovin' it! He's been a dedicated fan for a long time! :)

This was one of my favorite theaters.... so beautiful!!

lights check!

We celebrated Mom's b-day on the road, and the kind people of this theater made us a violin cake!

Our favorite Dad and Mom :)

just a few of the instruments...

It's good to be back! :) Until the next post! :)