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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fun crowds!!

For the past 10 days or so, we have played for some of the most fun crowds we've ever had! We promised that we would post their pictures up on the blog, so here they are! Enjoy our lively audiences:)

Great Band, Kansas

Garden City, Kansas Holcomb High school

Liberal, Kansas

Borger, Texas Middle School

Borger, Texas

Tyler, Texas

Marshall, Texas High school

Sunday, October 11, 2009

so who's idea was the "shower-closet"???

So, you will never fail to get the wildest stories when you have 9 people living in an RV for months at a time, with 3 pairs of concert clothes each... we've found that you need A LOT of closet space!!!
However, our humble vehicle wasn't designed for 9 people and their 3 sets of concert clothes each....

Resolve: Use the unused shower and stick a clothes rack in there!! Problem solved. :)

Well... (here's the wild stories part) The other night when the bros and Dad were setting up stage, I went to the 'shower-closet' to retrieve my clothes and to my unfortunate surprise, I found that the shower head was turned ON and washing down all of our clothes!!!! (dad later discovered a leak!)
It is 1 very short hour till show time mind you, and we have 7 sets of sopping jeans, ties, shirts, vests, and black pants!!

Resolve: use Mom's travel size hair dryer and put Jen to work. Problem mostly solved:)

Mom was thankful that her clothes, along with Dad's remained safe,sound, and dry in the official closet:)

So, I can't say I got everything exactly "dry" (sorry boys!!) But hey, jeans and tiny hair dryers weren't meant for each other!! Thank the Lord for laundry mats!! :)

By the way Jes, thanks for snapping pics of me working! haha;)

We had the wonderful opportunity in Topeka, Kansas to meet a family with 10 sons!! They came to our show and invited us to their house afterwards. Thanks Powells for the great fellowship and your kind hospitality! We talked till 2 in the morning!

Here's a picture of the 13 kids who were still awake!

We are doing well out here, although it is getting extremely cold!!

these are just some pics to prove we're still alive:)

Our amazing dad n mom :)

Our favorite oldest sis Jes:)


and the best 5 bros all on one they look warm enough? haha


Saturday, October 3, 2009

EldorAdo (with a long A)

... Okay, so it was laundry day... and obviously we had some extra time to snap a few pics :)

The tour has been awesome so far!! Along the way,( on October 1st)


We truly are privileged to have such a fine young man in our family. Josh continually demonstrates a humble, kind, generous, faithful, funny, initiative and godly character.
Thanks for being my friend bro! love ya and happy (a lil' bit late) birthday! :)

A couple show updates... We played for an extremely fun crowd in West Minster, Maryland

And an awesome middle school in Eldorado, Kansas... These kids were a blast!

I have to mention that we had a surprise visit in North Carolina

Grams & Jim came to see us!! We miss you two! Thanks so much for coming out to visit us on tour!!