Matthew 5 are the salt of the earth and the light of the world... let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory unto your Father who is in Heaven...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"testing, testing one, two, three..."

Over the past couple of months we have been working in the recording studio.
Even though recording is such a sweet and exciting experience, at the same time, it can be quite a long and arduous process! (you know like singing a song over 50 times, playing your guitar lead again and again, forgetting the words to your own song, 85 takes on the same fiddle part, having the worst laughing spell [Jes and me!! haha:)], working on a song for 5 hours straight...(so pretty much thinking you're all that, and then watching your self-arrogance drop significantly!!:)
Anyways, it all comes down to this week!! By the end of this weekend we are hoping to have everything recorded!! We are so excited to be on the last stretch and can't wait to hear all of our hard work in the finished product!

Here are some pics from our long crazy days in the studio:)

We have 8 brand new original songs!!! I love watching everyone come together even with our different styles, gifts and ideas to make for a diverse, interesting and fun CD!

Great job fam!! I've had so much fun making this CD with you all and I can't believe that we are almost done! You guys rock!! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ferf's new phone

I got a new phone today!!! Yaaaay!! :) :)

I've had my old faithful since 2005...

And this baby slides out with a keyboard--so watch out!!! texting skills will soon double in speed :) hehe

poor Josh's phone... had a hard time at the beach today:'(
Don't worry Josh!! You'll have a sweet phone like me soon!!! :) haha

Monday, August 4, 2008

FidDlin' n PhiLLy

For everyone out there wondering where the Hunts have been for the past week, here's an update:
Monday: we packed up and hit the road to Philadelphia

Tuesday: led 2 music workshops for 2 schools, walked around downtown Philly
Wednesday: 2 more workshops, drove to Bensalem, PA and had a concert at the amphitheater.
Thursday: drove to Tennessee, JJ beat me in Risk :)
Friday: performed a show in Nashville
Saturday: drove to Maryland, saw a Zelos concert, RV broke down!!!
Sunday: went to Covenant Life Church, drove back to Pennsylvania (can't believe we made it!)
Today: got the poor RV fixed, played for 6,000 kids!!!!!!!! (YES 6,000!!), and right now we're driving up to New York:)

I loved having the opportunity to work with these kids! It was so neat to watch their faces when they learned a drum beat, danced a jig, or sang a new song. Fam, awesome job teaching, reaching out, making them laugh, being their friends and glorifying God with your servant's hearts!

This group of kids was so sweet and made us thank you cards!! :) Thanks guys!!

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge at night
Independence Hall

Signing Room of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.... I love the green curtains!! :)

The Liberty Bell


shredding guitar solo:)

The Groveman bros rockin the strings

That night we went to dinner with Covenant Life people

JJ and Justin playing trouble:)


While our faithful vehicle was being worked on, we set up stage for our show at the Mann Center.

Take a look at this place!!!

description of the auditorium :)
Don't get nervous guys!!! :)

Back stage studs:)

We had an awesome time playing for this crazy crowd!

I asked the kids to say hey to all our friends and family in Va...just in case you can't make out what they're saying, they shout out "YO VIRGINIA!!!!" :)

So, there's a basic recap of our week...minus random laughing, spilled milk...(ok, funny story... so Jon opens the fridge to get an afternoon snack [while we're on the highway], and the milk carton unexpectedly falls out, hits the floor and half a gallon of milk pours hits the breaks which makes Jes fall in it, us kids start dying laughing as we jump for our lives onto the couches to avoid the milky pool that was coming for us...haha if only we had it on video!!:) we were laughing so hard that it took us forever to clean up the mess! haha)...anyways:), going to a dump laundry mat:), playing a hilarious game of pictionary, meeting Josh Harris, running out of cash, seeing Drew from Switchfoot at church!!, and everything in between!
Well, we thank the Lord... The RV is up and running and we are heading to the big apple for another week of shows and workshops. Hope everyone is doing well and we miss you all!