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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

time to reacquaint.

If there's anyone out there finding themselves strangely stumbling across this site, and in the cobwebs and corners of your mind you're getting a vague memory that "once upon a time this was an active blog", then you're right! I admit, it's been far, far too long that I've neglected this poor blog. In fact, it's been a couple months shy of a year! After an incredibly full summer/fall/winter 2010, and through the encouragement of faithful friends, I am freshly motivated to reacquaint myself with the world of posting, writing, photos, updating, and everything else that blogging entails. Hoping to pick up where we left off and catch everyone up on the rest of the Hunt Family's 2010 as well as keeping you updated in 2011.
Guess a good place to start would be a new fam-band photo. Stay tuned for the next post including Summer Music Camp 2010 pics. It's good to be back on the blog!


Mimi said...

YAAAYYY!!!! We are so proud of you! I and H were just asking about this poor little blog =) Summer Camp pics?! Wooo WHoooo! Can't wait!

Doc Turner said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere. I have missed it. Talking to Papa Bear about a camping/hiking expedition in New Mexico around the time of the Kirtland performance. Hoping you get to visit us here in Texas going one way or the other. What's the plan on JJ's arm? I'm planning to give you my uillean pipes. Try as I might, I couldn,t get the hang of them. Now, which of you will be the designated piper????


Lauren Fletcher said...

Hello Hunt Family!!
Glad you picked up on your blog!
I sent you an email @
We hope to see you all again sometime soon.
We miss you guys!

Lauren for the Twin Fiddles

Lauren Fletcher said...

oh, and I forgot, my blog is